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Have you tried to find the best t1 cost, fiber or Ethernet deal but struggled with all the different providers, quotes and complicated small print? Here at comparet1prices we provide everything you need to select the right connection at the right price. Compare best hosted PBX, best t1 providers Unified Communications, MPLS, fiber optic services and much more.

Choose from dozens and dozens of different providers in your State by using our useful form. We provide quotes for Ethernet,Fiber,hosted PBX,UCAAS and general Internet connections. Our comparisons services extend to Voice, such as VoIP for call centers, Integrated Access, networks for internal use in your office, such as WAN and VPN, and network services like Firewalls to keep your business safe. You can also learn more about our Cloud Computing services to improve the scalability, flexibility and success of your workspace.

Beyond our initial comparison, we can also help you with specific requirements which you might struggle with as you setup your office with brand new internet. These include bandwidth-boosts (we’ll tell you who’s best, and who should be left behind), find a new service in an area where providers might be limited, and to look more closely at commercial quotes and help you decide whether it’s a good deal!

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However, we have many return clients. Our dedicated internet t1 comparison services will make your business more successful, that’s for sure, but many of our clients come back with new requests to increase their bandwidth, or look to our alternative network solutions for further business expansion.

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Why Choose a T1, Ethernet or Fiber Internet Connection?

At first, it will seem very difficult to find the correct T1 Internet provider for you. Service providers compete with each other. They dress-up their packages to amaze you, but often disguise the downsides. Their plans have hidden costs and tricky-to-understand small print.


Here at Compare T1 we make this as hassle-free as possible. Our Instant Quote Form will provide you with the most unbiased approach to an Internet provider without obligation.


If you’ve read through this and still wonder, what is so fantastic about a T1 line or fiber Ethernet connection? Why not just go for a typical Broadband hook-up?


Read on. Here’s a quick rundown of what a T1 connection is and why it will benefit small and large businesses alike.

What is T1 Internet? How will it help my business?


        People ask why use a T1 line today as Ethernet is much cheaper.? Well the simple answer is that Ethernet or fiber is not available everywhere in the US which still makes a T1 line suitable for your business.  So let's not discount a t1 service entirely.


The first factor we have to look at is the main technical difference between a T1 line connection and your standard internet, which is likely what you have in your own home. This standard connection is transmitted on a pair of copper wires usually organized by your phone company. The speed of these connections, on average, is around 30 Kbps, or 30,000 bits per second.


This is where the differences begin. A T1 line for your office is dedicated and brought into the workplace directly. This will either be fiber optic (most common) or copper. A T1 line has the capability to carry up to 24 voice channels or can carry data up to 1.544 megabits per second. A T1 line will carry about 192,000 bytes per second...that’s an incredible 60% times faster than your standard Broadband connection.


Crucially, a T1 fiber connection is also better if you want your office to handle a large number of people on the same fiber. This depends on your package, but you can easily support a small, medium or large business if you use one of these connections. Hundreds of people browsing the internet is no problem for a T1 line, although if everyone is involved with data-heavy tasks (like downloading or uploading files) there will still be some issues along the line. This is very unusual, but there are packages for sale that we can help you with if your business is particularly internet-heavy.


If your Company depends on reliable Internet, the stability and speed of a T1 fiber is recommended.


Problems Faced When You Shop Around for a T1


One of the biggest problems faced by those shopping on the T1 Market is the sheer number of carriers. Each has different plans, each with agreements and guarantees that vary from carrier to carrier. Plus, you might be put off by the high prices you see across different websites.


It’s true that a T1 line is often more expensive than Broadband or other alternatives like ethernet which is not available everywhere, but the amount of power in your internet connection is essential for your business in the boom age of the digital economy. We make sure that you do not pay any more than you should do.


You can compare the cost of a dedicated provider right here, but it’s important to look at why you need to compare T1 to other internet services, such as DSL, or Business Gigabit Ethernet. Overall, we want make to make sure you get the most speed for your money. We want your Company to be as successful as you do, and we help thousands of T1 or Ethernet shoppers get the best price.

Compare the price of T1 to Broadband, what’s the difference?

Firstly, there are 2 major Internet service connections used by the vast majority of businesses in the U.S. These are Broadband and other versions of T1.


Millions of homeowners and business owners currently rely on a standard Broadband, either cable or fiber optic. While there has been progress in terms of speed and connectivity, Broadband still face huge problems with ‘uptime.’


What is uptime?


Simply the guarantee that your internet will be stable so you will always be connected to the Internet.


Broadband’s biggest problem with uptime stems from speed throttling enforced by the service providers. This occurs in peak times. When there are thousands upon thousands of people sharing your internet, obviously there will be issues with speed in the long-run.


The main benefit of a T1 line or business Ethernet compared to Broadband? T1 guarantees 99.99% uptime. A dedicated business line ensures that you’ll get a consistent 1.544 Mbps for both upload speed and download speed.


In comparison, Broadband speeds are usually 1/10th of this value.


If it’s the price you’re concerned about, you’ve come to the right place. You can afford an amazing T1 or Ethernet provider. All you need to do is compare all the prices in your region and select the one that suits you. That’s where we come in.

The truth about T1 Cost


One thing we hear a lot from our clients is how easy we make the process compared to searching for a deal online through your standard search engine. For example, search for a T1 price Package and  you quickly notice many Broadband cable providers state that their connection is as fast as a T1.


This just isn’t true.


And this isn’t the only way these companies dilute your search with false facts. Broadband speed tests only ever show you a small part of the bigger picture, and while some of these speeds might seem attractive, you need to pay close attention to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of.


For example, many will see a fantastic download speed and think, ‘Great, this is the connection for me!’ without realising the upload speeds on a cable broadband are awful. Speed ist he most essential part of running a successful online business or internet-connected office?


Upload speed!


It only gets worse. Cable providers are keen to keep one factor hidden from their service agreements and price plans. If your broadband is interrupted - say due to poor weather or a technical fault - it can take ages before a technician arrives to restore it.This is not useful for a hyper-connected business, where every minute counts towards your success?



DSL Broadband companies are spending billions of dollars to keep control of the market. We know what’s best for you, and for your business. Find out other ways t1pricecomparison can help you through these murky waters of strange offers and hyper-inflated prices with our advanced services.


T1 fiber is dedicated and guarantees a consistent service.

What are the different price plans for T1 or Fiber?

There are two types of plans for your business T1. These are fully Managed or unmanaged. Prices vary, but overall we’ve seen a decrease in prices, even over the last year. A line of this quality might surprise you with its affordability. But what’s the difference between the two?


Fully Managed and Unmanaged T1 

This is the most comprehensive internet package available on the market. Although fully managed will cost you more than an Unmanaged package, you will save your business money and time in the long-run. The details of these packages vary from plan to plan, State to State, but our trained professional specialists will talk you through each and every detail.

Fully Managed essentially give you the option to make tweaks to your internet in the long-run, such as increasing the base Mbps speed. As your business grows you will need to further configure your router and maintain its health. An FM T1 package makes sure you have the best support throughout.

An unmanaged t1 can be good for a new business that are just looking to get set-up with an ultra-fast internet connection.

 Options for T1 - There is no one fixed price

Thanks to recent innovations and progression in the T1 market, there are now plans of varying prices. We help you pick the best one for your business. Here’s a quick rundown of these plans, but you can read more detail about cost options here:


  • Fractional T1: this provides the most minimal amount of access of all your options, this works well alongside an Unmanaged package for small business or start-ups
  • Integrated T1 lines, these support both voice and data services. The best feature of this package is the ability to independently configure a built-in connection to divert Bandwidth towards either Voice or your Internet connection, letting you optimize your business’ performance and tackle KPIs.
  • Dynamic T1 will automatically allocate your bandwidth to where it's most needed. This is ideal for those who are less knowledgeable about how to manage an internal internet connection or for those who are yet to hire someone who is. It’s also the easiest way of setting up your business with an internet connection - if you need more bandwidth allocated to voice, the system will simply migrate the resources to support the larger demand.
  • Bonded T1 plans are the most advanced and ideal for larger businesses. You can increase speeds beyond 1.544 Mbps and bond additional lines together in complex systems.


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